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What is the difference between the SpeedBump and ProBump?

Our ProBump™ is our all-purpose premium band because it's the most versatile and has our patented custom fabric all around for support.  The SpeedBump is a touch lighter and more sporty looking.  It uses a yoga fabric on the majority of the band but has a panel of sleek mesh fabric on the back, which makes it a bit more athletic feeling.   It also comes in XS, which we do not offer in the ProBump.
Both are built for movement & active living.  Think of them like 'bras' with a slightly different fabric content and fit but both supportive and comfy.  You wouldn't have just one bra, so we don't want just one belly "sports' bra.  We deserve options!  

My ProBump feels tight/loose.  How is it supposed to fit?

Your ProBump should feel snug but not tight or uncomfortable in any way.  It should feel like a warm hug.  A little looseness at the top is normal and allows for good, unrestricted diaphram breathing.  It also allows you to get the band on & off easily.

I'm in between sizes (eg. size 8). Should I get a Small or Medium?

If possible, order both sizes to try on both for fit and feel. You'll get a good idea if you have enough room to grow or need to size up or if the medium feels too large.  Generally if you want the band to last through your pregnancy you may want to go with a medium.  You can always fold the band down to provide a little extra support until your bump grows into it.

Can you give me the measurements of the ProBump so I can get an idea of sizing?

Our ProBumps measure as follows in width:
Small 13”
Medium 14”
Large 16”

What size should I order for leggings?

Maternity:  Use your pre-pregnancy size as a guide and order the size you would normally purchase in yoga leggings.  If you are between sizes or are on the border we suggest sizing up for maternity leggings so that you can wear them through your pregnancy.  
Early Postpartum Recovery:  Order the size you will be closest to when wearing them.  For early postpartum use, size up from your maternity size.  Depending on how soon you would like to wear your recovery/postpartum leggings you may also want to size up if you are between sizes. They should be a comfortable therapeutic hug but not too tight.
Beyond 6 months postpartum:  For women who are still wearing these in the later stages of postpartum, you can order your regular size.

What is the difference in length between your crops vs full length leggings?

Our crops have a 21" inseam vs full length leggings with a 26" inseam. 


What are my shipping options?

We use USPS first class to ship our packages. We offer Free Shipping on orders over $100. Our standard $5 shipping fee covers first class shipping up to 13oz.  
If you have a pre-order you can choose to Pre-Order quickship which means in stock items will ship first and your pre-ordered item will be shipped separately later on.

How do you ship?

USPS First Class
USPS Priority Mail for orders over 1lb
USPS Global Priority for international orders

What is Route?

Route Shipping Insurance is a 3rd party shipping insurance company that covers replacement of lost or stolen orders. Orders are automatically covered by Route unless you select no coverage.

How does it work?

If you purchase Route during the checkout portion of your order, your order will then be covered by their shipping insurance. You will receive a confirmation email from Route after you've placed your order on our site with instructions on how to file a claim if necessary. If your package is lost or stolen in transit follow the directions in that email to submit a one-click claim and have your order replaced. 

Need to file a claim and can't find your confirmation email? 

You can head over to Route's website to file a claim.

I placed an international order; will I need to pay taxes or duties?

Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes.  Bao Bei Body is not responsible for any duties/taxes or any additional charges charged by customs.  Please contact your local customs office for further information on rates and charges.
By law, we must declare all items at their full price and cannot alter this amount to decrease international customs fees.
Please note that all International Orders are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned or exchanged.

I just received notification that my package has been delivered but it's not here.

Sometime USPS will mis-scan a delivery or mis-deliver a package.  Most of the time the package will be delivered at a later date.  If your package does not arrive within 1 to 2 days after this notification please contact your local post office.  They should have a GPS tracker that will show where the last scan was made and whether the delivery was made correctly.

When will "X" product be back in stock?

The best way to find out when a product is back in stock is to sign up for notifications on the product page.  You'll get notification as soon as we add inventory to that product.  You'll also want to subscribe to our email list as we often send out an email when we restock popular products.  

How do I change my order?

For security purposes, once your order has been placed we cannot edit it.  Please email and we can cancel your incorrect order and you can place a new one.


Please see the Returns/Exchanges page for more information.


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How long have you been behind the scenes for Bao Bei Maternity?

Over a decade!

How did you start in the maternity retail space?

I co-owned a boutique pop up consignment shop (Maternity Xchange) and met Suzanne at one of the events.

Best parenting hack:

Always have snacks on hand. I keep an “emergency stash” in my purse of a deflated balloon, lollipops and some crayons.  I'll also usually have a bandaid in my wallet.  I guess I like to be prepared...

How many 'bei bei's' do you have?

A handful, 5!

How do you do it all?

I just try to survive day to day!  I do try to be organized in some things.  We have a running family google calendar. I meal plan a lot.  I have a list of meal options for breakfast/lunch/dinner written on a notepad on the fridge so I can do a quick look without having to think about prep every mealtime.  It's a huge timesaver.