About Bao Bei

Bao Bei Body was created by a Women's Health Physical Therapist and Pilates Instructor. Our products are inspired by your active pregnancy and motherhood journey! Proudly made in the USA. 100% designed & manufactured in California. 

At Bao Bei our goal is to be more than just a place you shop. Our desire is to be a trusted ally, a supportive friend, an encouraging advocate, and a helpful source of information.

Where We Come From

Bao Bei was created in 2007 when our founder, a then practicing physical therapist named Suzanne, noticed that her patients didn’t have the tools they needed to comfortably get through pregnancy. She began designing products that would support those who were looking to remain active and supported throughout their pregnancies and prevent them from turning to restrictive, ill-fitting girdles and binders that would squeeze their midsections and actually impede postpartum recovery. She started sharing her sample pieces with local Northern California mothers and officially launched Bao Bei at the Los Angeles Trade Show in September 2007. The Belly Sports Bra was officially born.

Fast forward to today, Bao Bei is still comprised of a small team of moms dedicated to providing support for people in all phases of their parenthood journey. We believe postpartum is forever and are constantly working to extend our reach so that everyone can feel supported, nurtured, and cared for through pregnancy and beyond.

What’s in a Name?

Bao Bei (pronounced Bow Bay) means something precious. The name was created in collaboration with a friend and artist of Chinese calligraphy, named Cheer. Together Suzanne and Cheer discussed the mission of Bao Bei, the meaning of the brand, and the message Suzanne wanted to impart to parents everywhere. They knew that the words Bao Bei would inspire and capture the intangible precious feeling of growing and nurturing another life and would embody all of what the company was hoping to achieve.

Intentional Design

Each product from our collection is intentionally created from start to finish. We begin with a design and test it again and again before it is ever publicly released. Each piece we make is more than just part of an outfit. We aim to create lasting support wear that will stand the test of time, and, most importantly, support a healthy pregnancy and postpartum. From our sizing to our fabric selection, nothing is chosen without thought and concern for those who are trusting us with their bodies.

As a promise to you, we are constantly striving to be more inclusive while maintaining our commitment to slow fashion and ethical production. Our goal is to continually expand our reach so that you feel supported, regardless of your size, race, gender identity, or sexual orientation, 

Commitment to Sustainability

From the start, upholding ethical production has been a core tenet of Bao Bei. We use small batch production, ensuring both the quality of our product and the proper treatment of all those involved in manufacturing. From our fabric selection, to our sewing team, to our shipping team we work with small businesses to support our local economy and reduce our impact on the planet.

We are consistently upgrading our packaging to be more environmentally conscious and look for creative ways to use our fabric scraps so we can reduce waste. We are dedicated to supporting every caregiver, including Mother Earth.

Community Focus

Bao Bei will always strive to place our community first. We are who we are because of you. You really do matter to us. As a small business, we promise never to forget our roots and never to stop celebrating each and every purchase you make. You are the reason we are here, and we will continue honoring our commitment to you, to our community, and to our Earth. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time (hello@teambaobei.com) We look forward to the opportunity to support you and thank you for placing your trust in us.


Team Bao Bei