BumpPRO™ Program

Thank you for being a fan of Bao Bei and for your interest in joining our BumpPRO Program! As an ambassador for Bao Bei, you will be an integral part of our team--spreading the word about Bao Bei on social media and/or via professional referrals. Our hope is that together we can bring support to those who need us most. If you feel that you would be a good fit for our BumpPRO Program, please review the options below and apply to the program that best describes you. If you have questions about which program is right for you please email lauren@baobeibody.com

BumpPRO Professionals Program

    • This program is designed for health professionals (e.g., PTs, midwives, fitness instructors) who are looking to provide their clients with in-office Bao Bei samples and/or share Bao Bei in a professional setting. BumpPRO Professionals will receive an affiliate link to give to their clients. When the referral code is used, BumpPRO Professionals will receive 15% commission in store credit which can be used to purchase products from our store. Purchased items can be used for samples, giveaways, gift packages, etc.
  • Guidelines:
    • Professionals must work directly with clients on a regular basis.
    • Professionals may be asked to reapply annually.
    • Professionals agree to maintain Bao Bei quality standards when displaying products in their office.
Apply to the BumpPRO Professionals Program

BumpPRO Social Media Program

    • This program is designed for Bao Bei customers who are actively and regularly sharing their prenatal and/or postpartum journey on a public social media page.  Participants of this program will be given an affiliate link or coupon code for their followers to use when purchasing Bao Bei products. When the referral code is used, BumpPRO Social Media Program members will receive 15% commission in store credit.
  • Guidelines:
    • Participants must be following @baobeibody on Instagram.
    • Participants must be a current Bao Bei customer.
    • Participants must have a public profile for the duration of their time in the BumpPRO Social Media Program.
    • Participants may be asked to reapply annually.

Apply to be a BumpPRO Social Media Affiliate