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Pregnancy Belly Support Band

Happy ProBump Mamas!

While wearing the Belly Sport Band I was able to run 1000 pregnant miles, comfortably because it absorbed a lot of the weight & pressure of my growing belly. I loved the support it gave me so much that I wore it all day long starting at about 25 weeks. If you're wondering "should I buy it?'... Just do it. It was literally my most favorite and necessary maternity item purchased - nothing compares. 

Amy Jay

I just spent the morning at the zoo with a 2 & 4 year old while wearing my support band. BEST PURCHASE EVER! I can't believe I waited so long. Worth every penny and better than any other band I've tried!!


I just got my ProBump belly band in the mail!!!!! HOLY GRAIL!!!!! Literally the SECOND I put it on I instantly felt relief!!!!! I am almost 18 weeks, third baby and I wish this was around years ago when I had my other two! You guys are heaven sent for making these!!!!! THANK YOU so much!!!!!


Now that my tummy has been gradually getting bigger my absolute lifesaver has been my Bao Bei Maternity sports band. This is SO comfortable and has really helped with my lower back. Maybe this is in my head but I honestly think it’s been helping with keeping stretch marks at bay too because my tummy is supported and held in place rather than being pulled down by gravity. Not only for working out I wear mine everyday. 

Samantha Mumba

I'm a physician who bought your ProBump and it's been life changing. I had such horrible back pain prior to this band. I used another band before but its range of support was inferior. I went from moaning in pain to being pain free. I just showed it to my OBGYN who was so impressed he is going to start recommending to his patients! Kudos to you for your innovation! 


I am 37 weeks pregnant and we moved this weekend. At first I wasn't wearing my ProBump and within minutes was having Braxton Hicks and pelvic pain. I put the ProBump on and have had no issues!! Seriously a life saver.


I can honestly say this band has completely SAVED me and helped support my belly working out, running, and even sometimes just around the house. I'm also so pumped to use it for POSTPARTUM RECOVERY!!


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