Prepping for postpartum

There’s nothing better than cutting the tags off all your newborn’s clothes, washing them, and neatly organizing them into drawers where they will sit while they await your baby’s arrival...or is there? 

We think there is. As you create the perfect haven for your newborn, make sure you also set yourself up for postpartum success. Here are some of our favorite tips and products for setting up a postpartum capsule wardrobe. 

Tip #1: Create an intentional and inviting space. 

First, decide where you will house your postpartum wardrobe. If you have space, a rack can be a special place to display your clothes. If you have curious and adventurous toddlers, drawers and/or cubbies may fit your lifestyle better. 

Move your pieces to the top drawer so you don’t have to search for them, especially if you have a cesarean section and have limited mobility. If you know that you will be too tempted to force yourself to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes, feel free to store them elsewhere--out of sight, out of mind. 

Use storage cubbies for easy access and organization. We’ve found that the Container Store has some of our favorites for cultivating a functional and visually pleasing space

Tip #2: Start with your base layer. 

Begin with quality undies and bras for comfort, support, and easy nursing access, if applicable. 

Once you have a solid foundation, choose items that can layer well, e.g., supportive tank, support leggings, a flowy dress or kaftan, and/or an oversized button down (pro tip: these can also be found in menswear).

Remember to add accessories that make you feel comfortable and confident, such as a baseball cap or other hat, scarves or wraps that can double as a nursing cover or baby blanket, and shoes that are easy to slip on and off hands free. 

Tip #3: Treat yourself to a few staples. 

When everyone else is giving you items for your baby, remember to gift yourself. It’s perfectly acceptable to use that Target BABY gift card to buy yourself something. 

When purchasing items for your postpartum wardrobe, remember that size is only a number. Choose items that will complement your changing body and keep you feeling good about yourself, rather than trying to buy a “goal” outfit.

Get your postpartum prep started with a bang!  Our adore bralettes are a mom-life staple for their comfort and easy breastfeeding access. 

Pro Tip:  Get limited edition bundles for a great price, during our holiday sales.

Comment below to win a $50 Bao Bei gift card to use towards postpartum wardrobe essentials.  Tell us what you've been inspired to do to prep for postpartum, or if you've been through postpartum prep, what would your advice be to a new mama! 

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  • Jessica

    This is my second go around and this time, I’m truly believe it’s valuable to purchase nice, quality post-partum clothing. You wouldn’t believe how hard it can be to make a functional outfit to accommodate nursing (or to feel like a functioning human being) using your pre-pregnancy clothes. Most days I found I don’t want to go anywhere because I didn’t know what I would wear and that made the transition into postpartum life even more difficult that it was while trying to heal.
    Momma’s invest in yourself. Give yourself the ease of some staple pieces you’ll be comfortable in and that you feel good in. I love my postpartum body and now I just have to find all the clothes I’ll feel great in.

  • BH

    Cleared out all clothes (and bras!) that don’t fit my pregnant body and won’t fit for a while postpartum – made space for maternity and postpartum clothes & bras only to keep it simple :)

  • Kim

    This will be my second so hoping to be more prepared to provide myself comfort this time postpartum.

  • Gabrielle

    Prepping for life with a newborn is super helpful, but if you run out of time to prep or baby comes early (like mine did), don’t worry! You are strong and capable mama and everything will fall into place eventually.

    That being said, my top 3 mama tips would be…
    1. Clean out your drawers/closets of clothes you won’t be wearing post partum and make sure you have a few good pairs of underwear, comfy bras, and a cozy robe. You will be living in these items, and it’s so much easier to not have to search for them.
    2. Set up a little peri care kit in your bathroom to keep these items organized for yourself for later on.
    3. Give yourself grace mama, and once baby comes, try to just do one little thing a day for yourself whether that’s sitting by yourself for 5 minutes or putting away the dishes, whatever makes you feel good!

  • Mara Romo

    First of all prioritize yourself. Sleep whenever you can. Embrace your new postpartum body, don’t let nobody take you down. Recovering from childbirth is a process that no one will understand. Take it slow, little by little things will get into the right direction. Accept help when you need it. Take the maternity leave you can affort, time bonding is the best and well worth it. Remember that the first few months are challenging but its an adjustment period. Be easy on yourself.

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