An Adore-able Keepsake


“The best things in life are not things, they are moments”
– Unknown

When does a bra become more than just a piece of clothing? When it reminds us of our own power to bring life into the world. When it reminds us of the first moment we held our baby. When it isn’t simply a bra, but a birth bralette–a symbol of our first moments of motherhood.

We are honored when you share these most precious moments with us, and want to share an idea with you on how to turn your birth bralette into a keepsake piece.

Adore-able bralette keepsakes

-Birth bralette or other keepsake fabric
-Felt (you can use other fabric, but felt adds support)
-Heart stencil
-Dried lavender (optional)


1. Choose the size of your heart. Make sure it fits your fabric. You can print a template online.

2. Trace your heart onto both the felt and fabric.

3. Cut your hearts.

4. Sew the fabric heart on top of the felt, ¾ of the way around the heart, leaving room to stuff with rice and lavender.

5. Fill the heart with rice and lavender.

6. Finish sewing the remaining ¼ of the heart. 

This craft can also be used with clothing items that are too well-loved to be donated. For clothing that you have simply outgrown (e.g., old maternity wear), we recommend donating them to places like Goodwill or this Bao Bei specific Facebook page.

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