5 Yoga Poses to Feel Good Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a wild ride! Everything from “morning” sickness to fatigue to achy joints and more can plague us in the midst of this miraculous journey. No matter if you just found out you’re pregnant or you only have a few days to go, these yoga poses can help you feel good in your body and your mind.


For when you’re feeling sick 

Yes, you CAN do yoga even when you’re feeling totally under the weather. Just keep these tips in mind: Take things slow, let yourself rest, and keep your head above your heart so you don’t make your nausea worse. If traditional child’s pose (head on the floor) isn’t working for you, prop yourself up with your arms and head in front of you on the couch or a chair.






For when you’re feeling tired 

You are a queen, and this is your throne. Prop yourself up (couch pillows work GREAT if you don’t own a bunch of yoga props), and let yourself fully relax into this reclined position for a full 5 minutes or so. Breathe deeply, and let yourself be fully supported.





For when you’re feeling anxious 

Props (yoga blocks or a stack of pillows) work great under the hips here. Allowing yourself to sit upright channels some of that anxious energy into mindful posture and breath. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. See if you can lengthen each inhale and exhale, and observe your heartbeat and your breath.





For when you’re feeling crowded

When baby has the nerve to get up in your ribs (!), it’s time for some serious side bending. Think - chest open, arm reaching long, slow and gentle movements. 







For when you’re feeling tight

In pregnancy, we often can’t move in the ways we’re used to, and we find ourselves holding tension in the back, neck/shoulders, and hips. Pair the breath with the movement to loosen tight muscles and open up here: inhale as you reach up and look up, then exhale as the arm sweeps forward and hips sit back. Repeat 5 times on each side.



Remember that you are STRONG. Your body is doing amazing things. Even 5 minutes a day of these yoga poses will make a world of difference in your pregnant body.


Written by: Sarah Almodovar


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