4 Tips to Prioritize Postpartum Rest

Sleep deprivation occurs when your body doesn’t get the sleep that it needs to properly function. 64% of postpartum women are affected by fatigue, making it the most common problem that new moms face.

Although, some degree of sleep disruption can be expected during the postpartum period, here are four tips that can help you prioritize rest during this phase:

1.  Prioritize nighttime rest  

Studies show that nighttime rest is when the body optimizes healing. While all rest is important, if you can plan a sleeping schedule with a partner or other support person, prioritize nighttime sleep to support healing.

2.  Plan breaks 

Scheduling breaks for rest and self-care helps make sure they aren’t forgotten. If you have a trusted support person, take turns during the day so that you can have breaks to nap, shower, and eat.‌ 

 3. Pamper yourself 

Investing in items that prioritize comfort, like a sleep mask or comfortable loungewear, makes rest more inviting. Rest is essential and tools that help facilitate rest can help encourage you to make time for it.

4. Deprioritize non-essentials

In the first few weeks and months after birth, give yourself permission to let go of non-essential tasks. It is perfectly okay to skip things like cleaning and cooking and to instead outsource them or delay them until you are more rested.

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