2020 Holiday Guide for Her

Written by:  Brittany Lindquist, mama, wife, full time marketer, currently expecting baby #2!

When we think about gifting the expecting and new mamas in our lives, we often forget about nurturing her, and skip right to that cute new bundle of joy. I think all moms can relate to feeling (very!) visible during pregnancy, but perhaps a bit forgotten once the baby arrives. This has never been more true than during the pandemic isolation, and traditionally true for second, third, or adopting baby mamas.  The baby gifts are always appreciated and loved—perhaps for the holidays, the next virtual shower you attend, or the mom that just brought her baby home—we can all sprinkle her with a little something-something.

I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite things to help you shop for that special mama in your life. Or hey, treat yo self girl! These products have gotten me through my pregnancy and life as a new mom, so I can attest to each of them, personally. 

  1. Comrad Socks—Edema; the inevitable swelling that can happen to expecting moms beginning around 22 weeks. Your body is pumping 50% more blood and fluid to help grow your cute little bubs, which might lead to some fluffy ankles and hands. Wearing these while you go about your day will dramatically reduce your swelling, all while avoiding the granny compression socks look of the past.

  2. 8 Sheep Organics, Organic Sleepy Lotion—Losing sleep? About 1 in 4 pregnant women may experience Restless Leg Syndrome during pregnancy. Basically, when I snuggle down for the night, my legs feel creepy crawly and I want to start dancing; but not a graceful ballet, more like an awkward Elaine from Seinfeld dance. The lavender infused sleep lotion—features the ninth most abundant element in the universe, magnesium—a proven sleep stabilizer. 

  3. Bao Bei bOObie Kit—Cult.Classic. I own seven of these bralettes. The most comfortable bra you have ever worn, in so many cute colors, and stretchy enough to support your growing body, plus they pull down easily if you’re nursing. No need for uncomfy nursing bra clips (can I get a woot-woot!). Honestly, I donated all my traditional nursing bras. Bonus: The comfy cozy spot warm pack. New moms have no idea how much these are needed to find comfort during engorgement, or potential clogged ducts/mastitis. Just pop this little cutie in the microwave and lay it heated on your chest or neck to help find relief.

  4. Rainbow Mama pin—A sweet remembrance for any mama of a rainbow baby. Perfect for a diaper bag, or photo accessory. 

  5. Beis Diaper Bag—Speaking of diaper bags! Oh-em-gee. Chic, stroller caddy, travel trolley sleeve, vegan leather; all created by founder, actress, and mama Shay Mitchell. Stars in my eyes for this unsuspecting diaper bag. 

  6. Bao Bei Made to Mother Tee—100% cotton, hand printed with baby safe ink. Wear your new title with pride in olive or apricot. Pair this declaration t-shirt with your favorite leggings, tie the corner off, throw over a chunky cardi, and on goes a beanie for a cute mom lewk.

  7. Gathre Padded Mini Circle—Better to blend in with your home my dear! With a memory foam center, and made of vegan leather, this playmat won’t be an eyesore and will make getting up and down so much more comfy during tummy time and beyond!

  8. Bao Bei Gift Card—If you’re unsure what size your loved one is, giving her the gift of a Bao Bei gift card will allow her to select her own goodies. Some of my favorites are the Hydrate Like a Mother 30 ounce Yeti, The ProBump Pregnancy Support Band (I own two of these “belly bras” which have helped relieve my sciatic pain), or these scalloped Maternity and Postpartum Bloomers which are high waisted, offering some unique core support. 

Wishing you and the mamas in your life a happy holiday season. Hoping you all find warmth, comfort, and a little sweetness as we close out the end of 2020. What a year, AMIRITE?



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