Become an Affiliate

Thank you for being a fan of Bao Bei and for your interest in joining our Affiliate Program! As a brand ambassador, you are an integral part of spreading the word about Bao Bei and sharing our mission with your followers, clients and/or patients. 

Please review the requirements below and apply to the program that best fits you.

Email with any questions.

Health Professionals


Content Creators


  • This program is designed for health professionals (e.g., PTs, midwives, lactation consultants) who are looking to provide their clients with in-office Bao Bei samples and/or share Bao Bei in a professional setting. 
  • Approved health professionals will receive an affiliate link and a discount code to give to their clients. When the referral code or link is used, affiliate will receive 10% commission in store credit which can be used to purchase products from our store. Purchased items can be used for samples, giveaways, gift packages, etc.
  • Guidelines:
    • Affiliate must work directly with clients on a regular basis.
    • Affiliate agrees to maintain Bao Bei quality standards when displaying products in their office and when sharing on social media outlets.
    • Affiliate may be asked to reapply annually.
  • Note: If you are a physical therapist or other health professional who is interested in being a part of our PT directory and/or receiving early notification about PT-specific launches, please visit this page.
  • This program is designed for Bao Bei customers who are actively and regularly sharing their prenatal and/or postpartum journey on a public social media page either personally or professionally as an influencer. 
  • Participants of this program will be given an affiliate link and a discount code for their followers to use when purchasing Bao Bei products. When the referral code or link is used, affiliate will receive 10% commission in store credit.
    • Guidelines:
      • Affiliate must be following @baobeibody on Instagram.
      • Affiliate must be a current Bao Bei customer.
      • Affiliate must have a public social media account.
      • Affiliate may be asked to reapply annually.









    I am a physical therapist who also shares on social media. Which program should I apply to?
    If you treat women in a health care setting, we recommend applying to the health professionals program. Both programs earn the same level of commission and receive the same benefits, however our women's health practitioners get extra information about PT-specific launches.
    I am a health care provider; how can I get samples for my clinic?
    Thank you so much for sharing Bao Bei with your patients. As a PT-founded company, creating products that prioritize health and healing is a top priority. At this time we do not offer samples, however you can use any store credit that you earn through referrals to purchase samples for your clinic. Once accepted to this program, you can also purchase them at a discounted rate.
    Is there an option for cash payout or only store credit?
    Initially all affiliates receive payment via store credit. We do offer an option to "promote" to cash payout once a certain number of referrals have been made.
    How often do I need to post/share Bao Bei?
    How often you refer Bao Bei is entirely up to you. We suggest regularly featuring Bao Bei on your page and/or referring our products to your clients to increase your opportunity for earning commission. The more you share, the more you can earn.
    Pro tip: sharing our sales and new launches is one of the best ways to earn commission.