Breastfeeding Discomfort and What To Do About it.

If you are a mom of a newborn or older infant, you might be dealing with engorgement and breastfeeding discomfort. We’ve all been there and totally feel your pain! If you are experiencing breast discomfort, you are not alone and here’s some pointers featuring @milksprouts.
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1. Sleep is secondary to feeding

I know what you may be thinking, “I need my sleep!" and we totally get it! But when it comes to baby and boobies, babies need to eat. Breasts fill up at night and to avoid discomfort, you need to feed your little ones. @milksprout says it this way. 
"A well-fed baby with a full belly will sleep better than a hungry baby. This also helps baby begin to differentiate between day time and night time."
breastfeeding discomfort nursing bra support

2. Nipple pain is normal

@milkssprouts on Instagram gave a wonderful Instagram live on this topic.
She mentions that every baby and every mother is different, so breastfeeding is different for everyone. But if you are feeling nipple pain and overall breast discomfort, you are not alone. She offers pointers on latching and methods to alleviate nipple pain.
Sarah Lang aka @milksprouts is a breastfeeding coach and RN, MA, CBS, IBCLC, as well as, a mom of 4 and a business owner! 
nipple pain breastfeeding nursing support bra

3. Support is everything

One big element to breast discomfort is not having the best nursing or support bra.  Milksprouts gives her recommendations on favorite bras, nursing bras and sport bras and mentions yours truly Bao Bei Maternity.  One of our newest innovations is the Adore Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bralette.  This nursing-friendly Bralette gives you the ultimate in comfort, light support and ease of use with frequent feeding sessions.  It is seamless, stretchy, soft & supportive... without compressing the ever-changing chest size.
breastfeeding pain nursing bra support

4. Continued learning & community is key

We are huge advocates in continued learning and community. From blog posts, articles, and classes to books written by professionals, we highly value learning. When it comes to your body and baby, we encourage the motherhood community in continued learning and support. We talked about our friends at @milksprouts -  you can keep up with them on all things about pumping, breastfeeding, classes, and some of her favorites on these topics.


Nursing support bra breastfeeding discomfort

“With every ounce of my heart, this is my mission. With every post, I hope you learn more. With every class, I hope you feel ready to conquer the next day. With every consult, I hope you know you have someone to turn to for help. With every mom that finds her way here, I hope you feel your community and support system grow. You are thought of, cared for, and prayed over daily.”

If you are experiencing severe engorged breasts, here is recommended treatment:

  • Ask your health care professional about medications
  • Cold compresses for 10 minutes after feedings
  • Pumping, hand expressing, or nursing to alleviate pain
  • Use moist heat, take a hot shower before breastfeeding
  • Gentle breast massage and relaxation techniques
  • Work with a lactation consultant

Happy feeding!

 As always, we would love to continue to connect with you!

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