Spotted at Disney! Tips for Mommin' at the park

Have you heard the joke that for moms a vacation is just taking care of your kids in a different city? We know that we only get so many summers with our kids, and yet we also know that traveling with littles can test even the most patient parents. To make your time away a little easier, we have compiled our top tips for taking a Disney vacation with kids.

Bring snacks!

Pack food and drinks that you know your kids like. Not only will this save you money, but you don’t have to worry about hungry kids having a meltdown when their favorite snacks aren’t sold in the park.

Pro tip: Remember to pack food for yourself or buy your favorite treat. When you stop to feed your kiddo or baby, make sure you get something to eat too. Wrangling kids at a busy park and walking all day burns lots of calories and you need mom fuel.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you forget to bring a water bottle with you, you can ask for free tap water at any restaurant. Many will have cups of water pre-filled for you to grab and go.

Pack a portable fan.

Disney can get hot and the crowds don’t help the heat. A portable stroller fan and/or a portable fan with a mister will keep kids happy and cool. Ask your kids to mist you–they’ll enjoy spraying water at you and you’ll get a quick cool down.

Ride “popular rides” first.

Kids are more willing to wait in line when they are well-fed, well-rested, and in a good mood. Get in line for the more popular rides when your kids are still full of energy and excited rather than saving those until the end when they (and you) are more likely to be run down.

Pro tip: Take potty trained toddlers to the restroom before you get in line! There’s nothing worse than having a bathroom emergency when you’re (finally) almost at the front of the line.

Take advantage of the Rider Switch option.

Disney offers a rider swap option so that one adult can wait with any non-riders while the other adult(s) enjoy the ride. Once the first adult returns, the waiting adult can ride without having to wait in the standby line again.

Wear your baby.

Bringing a stroller and a baby carrier will give you the best of both worlds. Even if your little one is big enough to walk most of the time, a stroller is a good back up and can be really helpful for carrying all your things. Wearing your baby makes naps easy and you can even ride some rides while baby wearing. Bonus points if your carrier makes for easy nursing.

Wear support and dress strategically.

Make sure you plan for a long, active day by wearing proper support from head to toe. Think a hat for sun protection, a nursing friendly top and bralette if you are breastfeeding, a Probump if you are pregnant or newly postpartum, support bottoms, and a good pair of walking shoes.

Pro tip: Pack a change of clothes for you and each child. This way you aren’t stuck in the case of an accident, spit up, spill, or unexpected water feature/change in weather. Worst case scenario, you can buy a change of clothes at the park.

Visit the Baby Care Centers

Disney offers several complementary Baby Care Centers. These facilities are a great place to cool down, take a break from crowds, change diapers, nurse in private, heat up baby formula, etc. They are staffed and well stocked with most of the things you need while caring for small children.

Lower your expectations.

Are you dreaming of the perfect trip? Time together with smiling, grateful children? Everyone is happy, the weather is perfect, and no one is whining? It’s hard not to have high expectations, especially after spending a lot of time planning an expensive, one-in-a-lifetime trip for your family, but not everything will go exactly as you imagine. Try starting with realistic expectations and remind yourself that no matter what hiccups you face, you are creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Note: While these tips are tailored to Disneyland and Disney World, many amusement parks offer comparable services for families. Remember it’s always okay to ask for support and to advocate for yourself and your children.

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