Running Fitness in Pregnancy

Running is such an amazing physical exercise for your body! Especially when you are able to incorporate it into your weekly routine. And getting those runner’s vibes leaves you feeling so empowered and accomplished!

But what about running during your pregnancy? What are some pointers for running during your pregnancy?


This topic of running while you are pregnant is a great topic and we couldn’t think of anyone more amazing to feature than the one and only, Christine!

Christine (aka @Chrissy.nich.runs) is the co-founder of Relentless Runners, LLC, and is a running coach, business owner/entrepreneur, and mama!

Here are some points on running while pregnant inspired by Christine.



(@Chrissy.nich.runs in her @baobeimaternity)

1. Wear belly support while running during your pregnancy

Christine says this on this point, "I can’t tell you how many people ask me what belly support band I use while running through my pregnancy. And every time I tell them @baobeimaternity 🤗. It’s by far the most supportive and most comfortable and has helped me overcome lower back pain and pelvic pain with added support while I run still at 34 weeks pregnant. It helped support me when I ran a half marathon in my third trimester!! Wear a belly support band while running and when not running if needed. I feel very supported and snug with it on and as a plus it helps keep my shirts down now that my belly is bigger. It’s a sports bra for your belly!"


(@Chrissy.nich.runs via Instagram)

2. Drink a lot of water during your pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body naturally needs a lot more water than it normally does! And if you plan on incorporating exercise, like running, into your routine during pregnancy, keeping hydrated is a must!

On one of Christine’s runs, she mentions from her Instagram @chrissy.nich.runs: 

“Today I set out to run 4-5 miles but around 3 I started feeling the chills meaning I was getting dehydrated and being 34 weeks pregnant I decided to head home and ended with a 3.3 mile run in 85 degrees.” Christine encouraged everyone during their pregnancy and running, “Everyone be careful out there and know the signs of heat stroke, exhaustion, and dehydration! Heat strokes can be life threatening so it’s not something to mess with.”



 running fitness pregnancy belly band

(@Chrissy.nich.runs via Instagram)

3. It’s okay to slow things down

You are pregnant, so any exercise during this special time is meant to be more enjoyable and not so much of a back-breaker type of exercise.

So, if you are running during your pregnancy, you can run at a slower speed. Slow things way down if you need. Rest often. Sit more. Even relax!

Christine writes in her post on :

Slow down your runs. Your body can produce 50% more blood volume while pregnant which means your heart is working overtime to pump it through your body.Then you run on top of it and it's naturally in overdrive making sure everything is working properly. So give your body a break and slow your runs down.Most women do this naturally because you'll be more out of breath at slower paces anyways with the extra weight and as you grow it becomes hard to push the pace.Now isn't the time to worry about times or PRs so just enjoy the fact that you're running and don't even wear a watch if it helps."

4. Wear the best gear during your runs while pregnant

We can recommend a few amazing products here!


Pregnancy belly band company running fitness Bai Bei Maternity


Pregnancy belly band company Bai Bei Maternity running support

Be sure to tag @baobeimaternity and #baobeimaternity on Instagram when snapping a pic of your Bao Bei Maternity gear!


5. Remember that running is a repetitive activity which puts a continual pressure on the Pelvic Floor. 

It requires some special attention to your core and pelvic floor if you are running while pregnant. This is a great time to check in with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to make sure your deep core is able to support both pregnancy and impact activities. After an assessment and getting cleared, they will likely adda home routine to your fitness regimen that offers additional stabilization training. 

running fitness pregnancy belly band

A proactive approach here is what I recommend. Don't wait until you are having symptoms to begin with PF strength training. Paying attention to the pelvic floor and deep core muscles can protect this area from issues like prolapse and incontinence. 

If you need a guided program, check out the programs @expectingandempowered.

Thanks for being a part of our family!


-Bao Bei Maternity

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