I’m a big believer in getting all the help I can while pregnant. Why not right? I mean, if my husband wants to pamper me with a foot massage, I’m definitely not going to stop him! Know what I mean?

In the same way, I’m going to take advantage of the amazing products out there that help me along the way with my pregnancy, such as belly support. Belly support bands are miraculous and I’m so passionate about spreading this amazing message to wonderful women!

Here’s some benefits of wearing our Probump Maternity Support Band.

1. There's a decrease in pain

When it comes to joint pain during pregnancy, most women can understand the pain. It’s frustrating and can make life tough. On average, 71% of women report low back pain and 65% report pelvic girdle pain, according to Spine Journal.

The Bao Bei Probump Maternity Support Band gives support to the abdominals while taking pressure off the lower back. This sort of relief eases the typical discomforts of pregnancy.

When searching for pain relief during pregnancy or if you just really want a support band for pregnancy, our Probump Maternity Support Band is one of your best solutions. Our belly bands give coverage and cuing to your core area, helping with round ligament pain, hernia, spd, and pelvic pressure.

Wearing our belly band during pregnancy may help support your lower back and baby bump during activities, which can result in decreased pain overall.

Pregnancy belly band
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Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain

Without getting too technical, SI joint pain can happen during pregnancy. This type of joint pain can happen due to an increase in a hormone that causes the hip joints to become loose and less stable. Basically, it’s a sharp and sometimes excruciating pain in the lower back adjacent to the tailbone. Our Probump Maternity Support Bands support this area and help stabilize the joint, which may prevent pain during activities.

Round ligament pain

If you are looking for a pregnancy belly band, ours just works! Round ligament pain occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy and can vary. This is typically caused by extra weight and pressure on the ligaments that support the growing uterus. This pain is temporary but sometimes unbearable!

One advantage of a belly support band is that it relieves pressure on round ligaments and can help reduce pain.


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Our Probump Maternity Support Bands are the go to pregnancy belly band if you’re looking to alleviate round ligament pain and other pain associated with pregnancy. And let’s not forget to mention how amazing they look and feel!

2. Belly bands provide gentle compression during activities

The belly band that provides the perfect touch! Thinking about running without a sports bra? That would be silly. Not my cup of tea! Our Probump Maternity Support Bands gives the same level comfort of compression to the uterus and reduces discomfort during physical activities-kind of like a sports bra!

Pregnancy belly bands

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“Pregnancy is way harder on the body the second time around! That's why we love our support wear from @baobeimaternity because it's basically a sports bra for your belly! Their maternity support bands really help relieve back pain, reduce pressure, and ease those everyday discomforts of pregnancy.”

Needless to say, ladies get so connected to their belly bands that when they are not wearing them, they say they feel naked and really miss it!

3. They provide external cues for posture

You know you have it -- the slouchy back at your desk, in your office, playing on your phone on your couch!

We all have it and this is another beautiful thing about our Probump Maternity Support Bands. They are reminders to adjust your posture.

Pregnancy Belly Bands

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The normal “swayback” appearance of pregnancy is due to the extra weight being carried in front of the body in combination with the stretching and weakening of key core muscles that support the spine.

By supporting the lower back and torso, our Probump Maternity Support Bands  encourage correct posture and minimize overextension of the lower back.

4. They allow you to engage comfortably in daily activities

Exercise during pregnancy has tons of great health benefits. A study in Current Reviews in Musculoskeletal Medicine shows that prenatal exercise has a positive effect on health.

Exercise increases muscle tone and endurance and decreases the incidence of hypertension, depression, and diabetes. Many women are unable to exercise or continue working during pregnancy due to pain and discomfort. And as we mentioned, our go to pregnancy belly band Probump Maternity Support Bands decreases discomfort so you can enjoy more daily activities, which can promote physical and financial benefits.

Pregnancy belly band support

5. They can be worn after pregnancy for support

It’s very common to have decreased core strength weeks after birth. This is because the muscles and ligaments that were stretched during pregnancy need time to heal. Many women still need the support that belly bands give. In fact, many women find it very helpful to continue having belly support to decrease discomfort, assist healing any separations of the abdominal muscles, and overall help them get back on their feet after pregnancy. Quick note, a belly band is a temporary aide. It doesn’t heal the underlying condition or dysfunction.

postpartum belly support bands

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Pregnancy support bands can help you navigate pregnancy like a pro. Whether you want to remain active and exercise during your pregnancy or need support for everyday activities, wearing belly support bands can help you feel better during and after your pregnancy.  Learn more about our belly bands. 



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