Our Ultimate 'Pack Your Hospital Bag' Checklist

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Your ultimate maternity bag checklist. In addition to these, don't forget snacks, a phone charger, & your go-to support person.

Maternity Robe

You won't want to take off this super soft, 100% organic, mid-calf length cotton robe


Our comfy bloomers with extra core support are a key part of your going home outfit

Fuzzy Socks

These cozy socks rest gently on your legs and feet without restricting circulation

Shower Slippers

Our favorite maternity slipper sandals with a "Relief Pro Lining" massaging footbed


With only ice chips to look forward to, you'll be grateful to have a moisturizing lip balm!


That hospital pillow is probably not going to cut it! Bring one that's soft & supportive.

Phone Charger

Don't forget to have a phone charger handy to to capture all the moments when baby arrives!


Hospitals are not hotels. To make you feel more at home, pack your own shampoo, conditioner, and skincare.

Nursing Bra

Whether you're breastfeeding or not, you'll want comfort after baby arrives. 

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