Great Gifts for a New or Expecting Mom

Hey there mama! Are you a new or expecting mom? Or do you know one? Often new and expecting mamas get tons of gifts -- for the BABY!  Don’t forget the one who made it all possible and is/will be doing a lot of the hard work.

Stumped about what to get a new mama?

Here are some gift idea recommendations!

  1. Cute underwear

gift ideas for new or expectant mom

Just because you are expecting, doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel pretty! Our newest addition to the Bao Bei collection is the BLOOMer These Bao Bei BLOOMers make for the perfect gift for new or expecting moms. Our BLOOMers offer ultimate comfort and support and help with many common problems that arise in pregnancy and provide the support you need newly postpartum.

Keep your eye out for the Cheeky, coming in January!

To buy Bao Bei BLOOMers or learn more, visit our online store


2.  Leggings

gift ideas for new or expectant mom

Leggings provide all-over support for tired mommies.  Check out our Bao Bei Sculpt and Support maternity leggings and our Sculpt and Recovery leggings for postpartum.  Our leggings are not only stylish, they also offer comfort and support -just what a new mama needs! These are a  great gift for new and expecting moms, one they’ll use daily.

There are many benefits to wearing belly support like these leggings or our belly support bands.

Learn about the benefits of wearing belly support bands during and after pregnancy.

3. Under eye concealer

These products are great for brightening those under eye circles and tricks everyone into thinking you’ve actually slept! Any new mom knows the importance of quick beauty makeovers while the baby is sleeping. So, having under eye concealer is the perfect trick. Check out a few of our favorites by:  Beauty Counter and Kaja.

4. Liquid of choice container

Every new mama deserves an adorable coffee mug that not only keeps her coffee warm but also serves as a mantra for her new life! Check out cute coffee mugs from @momculture, here.   Feel free to grab a cool wine glass while you’re there because you know she’ll get some use out of that too!

gift ideas for new or expectant moms

5.  Journal

New moms are BUSY! With lots of amazing moments to capture, it’s always good to have your phone or camera close by but for mamas that like to write, a journal is a great thing to have! This journal helps you keep track of those motherhood moments in a quick + easy way!

Or get a daily dose of mindfulness from this meditation book.  Great to pull out while you’re nursing or have a minute to create your own moments of zen.


6.  Doormat

This doormat is an awesome gift for a new mom.  Doorbell ringers get to babysit!

gift ideas for new or expectant mom


7.   Can’t decide?

You can’t go wrong with a gift card.  You know you’re getting the right size and her favorite color!

gift ideas for new or expectant mom

What else is on your list as gifts for new or expecting moms? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks for being a part of our family!


-Bao Bei Maternity

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