Survivng Pregnancy with PILATES

Its no secret the I LOVE Pilates.  When Pilates is modified for pregnancy it is a game changing experience.  It was the reason that I had 2 very successful fit pregnancies with relatively quick and successful recoveries.

Pregnancy is a wonderful, yet physically taxing event in a woman’s life. Pilates affords the opportunity to improve muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility necessary for pregnancy and delivery. Pilates can facilitate good posture and increase upper body strength in preparation for infant care. In addition, the improved awareness and control of the pelvic floor musculature can ease the mother’s pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.


My favorite prenatal Pilates moves?

1. Deep Core Activation x 8 reps each

2. Sidelying Glutes x 8 to 12 reps 

3. Hip Flexor Stretching x 60 to 90 seconds each 

4. Bridging x 8 reps 

Before beginning or continuing any exercise program during your pregnancy, it is important that you first discuss the topic with your OB/Gyn. Then, ensure that your Pilates instructor has the proper training to address the special modifications recommended for expectant mothers.   Additionally, our model is wearing the Belly Sport Band for gentle compression and comfort during prenatal exercise.

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