4 Tips to Enjoy a Disney Vacation While Pregnant or With Young Children

All moms know it is difficult to travel with young children and during pregnancy, so there is no better time to relax and enjoy yourself on vacation than right now. Getting out to places like Disney can help you relieve the stress and be fun for your kids. If you are stressed about travel or the vacation itself, read these four tips from BaoBei mama @stephanie.running before leaving to make your Disney vacation stress-free.


@stephanie.running enjoying Disney in her ProBump

1. Go with the idea that you will have a great time no matter what

Sometimes it’s crazy crowded and the lines are long, but it’s all what you make it. You will have a great time regardless of how many rides you do or how much you see, as long as you set out with that mindset!


@stephanie.running on vacation with her ProBump

2. Locate the baby/family center at each park in Disney World 

Each park in Disney World has a baby/family center with nursing accommodations, changing tables, microwaves and a tv “cool down” area for young children. It’s wonderful for new moms or moms with many young children who might need a cool area to take care and regroup. Up until my son was 18 months, it was the first and last place I stopped in at each trip.

3. Pack snacks

You can bring in food, so pack up all the snacks you and your family might need. Being 28 weeks pregnant when I went, I was hungry every 30 minutes. I packed a lot of snacks so I didn’t have to stop and wait each time I needed to eat.


@stephanie.running in her BaoBei ProBump

4. And obviously, wear your BaoBei ProBump

I wore it the whole day and didn’t have any back or ligament pains, which are something that I’ve been dealing with a lot this pregnancy. 

Check out our products for more ways to keep you safe and happy on your vacation. At BaoBai, we want you to have the best vacation, no matter the circumstances, and as always, we would love to continue to connect with you!

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