3 Steps to building your Mama & babe cart PLUS my go-to cart must haves!

DIY Breastfeeding Cart
Bringing your baby home from the hospital is such a joyful experience. I loved every moment of the baby cuddles, but was quickly overwhelmed when I found myself feeding baby at midnight. I was tired, hungry, leaking, and googling everything to understand how to take care of this little human. This is when I got a light bulb moment to build a mama & babe cart that had everything I need! Here's how I did it:
1. Get a roll away cart that can be by your bed and rolled to the couch during the day. (pictured here is from Target)
2. Divide your cart into 3 sections: MOM, MILK, BABY
3. Put everything you need during the day and night in the cart so it's easy to grab when you need something. Don’t forget that you need nutrition & frequent hydration throughout the day.  The best reminder is to put mama needs on the top shelf. 
Here are my favorite must haves to put in your cart:
MOM - snacks, hair ties, water bottle, baby books, meditation cards, cell phone charger, air pods (think podcast!) and my glasses
TumblerKind Bars
MILK - pump parts, pump, wireless cord for pump, a passive pump, milk catcher, bras/Bralettes, warm compress, nipple balm, and nursing pads or towels for leaking/spit up
BABY - diapers, wipes, baby moisturizer, diaper rash, baby toys, baby fresh spray, extra paci and burp cloths/onesie
Extras - nightlight, baby socks/booties, massage tool, Comfy Cozie for your neck 
Do you have a mama & babe cart? Comment below with your must haves and save this for cart inspiration!

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